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Thursday, February 5, 2015

A gold pendant with Udjat eye above a scarab with horus wings

10 Ideas for a St.Valentine's Wreath

Valentines wreath by TheBloomingWre
Valentine's Day Pink Felt Heart Wreath by FairyMojo
Pinecone Wreath by TheTangledTreehouse
Be Still My Heart Ornament Wreath by greenchilemama
Pink Valentine's Day Ribbon Wreath by KristinCraftsALot
Paper Flower Wreath by HullStreetStudio

Red Peacock Feather Wreath by TheFlirtyFeather

Country Style Beautiful St. Valentines Wreath by CraftsWorldLady

Valentines Wreath-Wedding Wreath by WildRidgeDesign

Valentines Wreath by AliGPDesigns

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