Behind the scene. Watch Tatiana making the Greenman mask

Thursday, March 31, 2016

If you have been following my blog for some time you probably remember the wood carving girls from the VZBRELO company (you can find all their guest posts here). They make amazing things for home decor! What is even better, they love sharing their creative process in my blog :) What do you think of this carving? I think it is just fantastic! I can't stop staring at it! Now, let's see how Tatiana made it!

Hello! Today I would like to show you how I have created this wall mask!

The idea haunted me for a long time, but I kept putting it off, being confused and unsure. However, it kept coming back, requiring implementation. Well, I decided to let it be )

I started with a sketch and a template. I chose pine wood for my project. I had a sheet of wood which thickness was clearly not enough for what I had planned, so I cut out two identical parts:

...and glued them together:

Then I transferred the sketch onto the whole piece:

Then I scooped out some wood to get a rough shape:

Then I carved the face more carefully and sanded it after.

Here you see that the face is finished, and I need to work on the tree designed to sprout from the forehead:

Now it's all done!

I've decided to age the wood since the forest spirit is supposed to be an ancient creature. I gently brushed the surface, trying to remove the soft wood grain only, and not the hard one.

 I added "cavities" for the same reason )

I've added the dark stain. Now here is the most crucial moment... I need to set the birds into the eyes:

Then I lacquered the mask, then I lacquered it again... and one more time ) I think I it's a success)

I hoped you enjoyed watching! 

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