DIY. The apple candle holders by Kulinary Design group

Thursday, February 4, 2016

This is a guest post by Vlad from Culinary Design Group company. You can find his previous guest posts here, here and here.


Let's make a simple candle holder out of an apple!

Use a small Thai knife and the sharp triangular or oval carving knives. 

I have to mention that this candle holder is safe as the apples do not catch fire. You can watch our video instruction or scroll down and read:

1. Choose and wash a pretty and round apple. Put your candle on top of the apple and outline the edge with the knife.

2. Cut out a seat for the candle:

3. Insert the candle. Carve a simple design around the edge. We carved two apples for you to look at. One candle holder has a triangular pattern on its hem and another one has an oval pattern.

4. The apple candle holders are done!

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