Apple carving by Kulinary Design Group. Carve a hummingbird for the Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

This is a guest post by Vlad from Culinary Design Group company. You can find his previous guest posts here and here.

Let's carve a small hummingbird. All you will need is a small knife, an apple and a couple of toothpicks. I would advise to use a special Thai carving knife as it works the best.

You can see the whole process is in our video or scroll done for photo instruction:

1. Cut the apple into four pieces as shown in the picture. They will be made into two wings, a tail and a body.

2. Two bigger pieces are going to be the wings.

3. Carve the edges of the wings to give them a feathery look.

4. Then work on the hummingbird's body:

You should try to achieve a shape like this:

5. Carve the bird's tail to give it a few feathers:

6. Connect all the parts with the toothpicks. One of them serves as a beak and sticks into a stand. The bird's eyes can be made by inserting the cloves or the peppercorns.

Here is our hummingbird! 

In this video we show how to cut out the words in an apple:

Stay tuned to for our next tutorial! 

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