Stocking stuffer gift ideas

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

This gift guide was not easy to come up with as, to be honest, I would like to just google and find an article with the ideas somebody else has already thought of and listed for me. This is not what I usually do, though. I went to Etsy and researched the stocking stuffer gift ideas. It was not as hard as I thought it would be. Many Etsy sellers used the tag that I needed and gave me some nice ideas. I tried to keep the price in mind. These gifts are for the ladies and maybe you do not want to go too expensive, but you should not go too cheap either. 

A bright or a modern looking smartphone case would be nice!

Pretty Flower Cell Phone Stand by  PhoneTastique
Personilized Leather Smartphone Stand by AliOBrienDesigns
iPhone Stand by WoodWarmth
iPhone Stand Modern Style by myPhoneStand

What do you think of this idea? I chose the funniest cup warmers for my blog, but there are many mug cozies out there that are a lot more humble :)
Mug Cozy by WarmCharm
Fancy Cup Cozy by RBKNITS

 I am very picky about my fingerless gloves. So picky that I could not find anything that I would want, so I knitted my own! (Maybe I will show them one day). If I could not knit exactly what I wanted, I would go with one of these:
Knitted Fingerless Gloves by  nbGlovesAndMittens
Fingerless Gloves by lovelycrochet
Fox Fingerless Gloves by Pomber
Ceam Fingerless gloves by IvetaStasiulioniene

 I love headbands! I knitted some too! :) I was not as successful with my headbands as the choices you see here. They are really lovely!
Braid-Knitted Headband by JackiBean
Gray Double Braided Knitted Headband by SistersandStories

 I personally have a small collection of scarfs. Women love scarfs! If she has 5 (or 10) scarfs already... giving her one more will be a good idea anyway :)
Circle Scarf by pixiebell
Men's Charcoal Scarf by ChambreRouge

 Those are just cute or sexy! (I know, not all of them could be called sexy :)
Boston Terrier Pom Pom Nose Socks by ogood
Boot Socks by ScarfLovers
Leg warmers by FashionShop19
Dark Grey Cable Knit Lace Leg Warmers by bstyle

 Eyeglasses case is an awesome idea! Not any eyeglass case will make a woman happy. These two can, though :)
Peacock Pattern Large Sunglasses case by MiZenDesigns
Handmade Leather Eyeglasses case by KJsKraftKorner

 What do you think of a teapot cozy? Once I got a cozy like this from a coworker of mine for Christmas. That was the most useful gift ever! (I am not sure why people need apple cozies, but they look nice for home decor!)
Fall Tea Cozy by TheHotBobbin
Handmade Felted Tea Cozy by jannio
Felted Te Cozy by FeltyPretties
Apple Cozy Set by knoodleknits

 If you often have wine on your table then a wine stopper might be another good idea!
Hand Turned Wooden Bottle Stopper by RossHandcraftedPens
Chrystal Door Knob Wine Stopper by AgaveTradingCo

If you think of a keychain make sure it is very special. I've found a couple here that could make a day of a receiver... every time she looks at them!
Toy Keychain by mymimi
Avocado Halves Keychain by  agatsjewelry

I personally do not do any sewing, but many women do. These pin cushions are just delightful!
Pin Cushion with Cross Stitch Strawberries by RedPin
Felted Cactus Pin Cushion by FabulousFelties
Tea Pot Pin Cushion by BlackTulipQuilts2
Vintage Pin Cushion by TheAntiqueGatherrers

 Usually I am not a big fan of the soap idea as a gift. All depends on the soap, though. This soap is just too cute and happy. It would make a great stalking stuffer gift!
Snowflake Soap by CedarCreekSoaps1
Strawberry Candy Soap by TailoredSoap

 This gift idea is really small, but cute. Women love having pretty nails!
Snowflake Nail decals by VibrantVinylsShop
Snowflake Nail Decals by DowningStDesigns

A nice jewellery box:
Wooden decorated box by KatyaCoil
Wooden decorated box by KatyaCoil

And nice jewellery to come with it :)
Maple Leaf Necklace
Gold Plated  Seahorse Necklace
Amethyst Earrings
Pearl Necklace


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