What gifts to give to men (father, husband or boyfriend)?

Monday, June 2, 2014

I never knew what gifts to give to a man. They seem always to be happy with something like new socks or a shirt. I personally think that it is not a man's nature to think of gifts at all. However, if you come up with a right thing he did not think about, he will certainly be happy! 

I have an example from my own experience. My husband always needs flashlights and often looses them. When his parents asked for my opinion what to give him, I mentioned a flashlight. They gave him a very fancy flashlight! And very powerful too. He was confused why would I say that he needed a flashlight, because he could not stop losing them. Guess what! This one he did not lose! :) 6 month later I asked him if he still had it. Yes, he did. "It was a good gift then?" - I said.

Recently I have found an article written by a man (in Russian) about gifts for men. I thought of just translating it, but then I have gotten a better idea. I used it as a guide for my Etsy search for the things that could be good gifts for men. This is what I have found:

1) Some men like to cook, some of them have to. Something for kitchen is a great gift to man who does cook!

These fun gifts are available through Etsy:

Apron is by bobsiDi
Rolling pin is by ValekRollingPins
Spoon is by DazzlingDezigns4U
Knives are by PoiDogsFarm

2) Socks and shirts are still good! Men never say "no" to new socks (you know why, right? ;)

These items I have found here:

Tie clip at CarnivalDesign
Ties at Cyberoptyx
Cufflinks at LoveItMadlyJewellery

3) If he likes camping, there are many things you could give him as a gift!

To name just a few:

Tent by StoutTent
Flashlight by ThirdShift
Flask by RockyArt
Knives by Thingscustomized

4) BBQ is another good theme for the gifts!

Something that you knew that you needed for BBQ and something that you had no idea that you needed:

BBQ set by MemorableGift
Wine rack by JNMRusticDesigns
Leather knife roll by fullgive
Gourmet spice kit by CraigsMarket

5) Towels, slippers or even a book (if you know man's preferences in books) can make a decent gift!

Slippers by kilims
Shaving soap by SmithFamily

6) Cool things gadget related will also work!

iPhone dock by valliswood
Einstein watch by FreeForme
iPhone case by susancasephotography
Personalized pen case by EngraveMeThis

7) Speaking of "personalized" things... There are many things that can become a good gift if personalized: 

Custom map clock by 1byliz
Latter mug by theprintedsurface
Chalkboard print by LadybirdPress
Guitar pick by SnappinPicks

8) Things that are not even close to be called "women's" :)

Leather mobile accessory by AccessoriesLeather
Vintage industrial gadget by Nachokitty
Leather key chain by leatherline
Set of diffusers for flashlight by RakeTheLight

9) Jewellery for men. Why not! :)

Basket silver ring
Reticulated wide band
Maltese cross
Initial pendant
Quartz crystal point

Visit my pinterest board to see more ideas for the gifts for men.


katiecupcakes said...

You have lots of great ideas, Natalia! I'll be checking these shops out for my husband in the future!

2justByou said...

Tons of great ideas! I like that rolling pin for myself. =0)

Kristin Aquariann said...

Nice ideas! I came across Star Wars flashlights a few months ago and might be buying them for my husband next holiday.

Natalia said...

Thank you, ladies!

@Kim: I tried to be creative while doing my search :))

@Kristin: Those are cute! If your hubby likes fun things, he will appreciate them!

Clair said...

What a fantastic collection of ideas - saving some of these for future reference!

Rachel Beltz said...

These are all amazing gifts, but I'm sure that my dad's favorite would be the guitar pick!

Natalia Khon said...

This is great if there is something you know that he will enjoy for sure!

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