Co-operation with other artists

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

There are many pieces of jewellery that I've made in co-operation with other artists. I did not even think about it until today... Jewellery making is not just work for me, it is my biggest hobby. I enjoy the process of making jewellery and I enjoy coming up with the designs. I also enjoy making something, that has not been designed... when you just start making something and see what comes out. It is a game that... thinking about it... I have managed to involve other artists into :)  I think, they loved that game too :) otherwise they would not have played with me :)
The biggest co-designing game was the "Virgin" project, of course.

I've written about it in my blog already, here. That was a nine-artist project for a wearable art contest. We had a sketch of what result approximately we should get, but that's about it.
There were also parts for the jewellery that I was ordering and buying from other artists. Sometimes I had a project in mind, sometimes I had no exact idea. For example, I asked Bruce McLellan for a custom cut  Canadian labradorite. Only after I'd gotten it I started designing a pendant for it:

I have a post about this necklace here in my blog.

I also did not have designs for the necklaces, when I ordered the black lace collars from Irina Astratenko. I made a few of them. The first necklaces ended up on the catwalk!

I myself was in the same position with other artists as Irina was with me. I sent my unique metal findings to my friends. They did not know what I was sending them, so they designed jewellery after they've gotten them! This is one of those projects:

Irina Belinskaya is the author and the maker of this necklace. The post about it is here.

I created a new label co-operation with other artists. By clicking it you will see our other projects. Of course, there are more projects coming!


rill said...

Столько красоты в одном сообщении! :)
Наверное очень интересно пытаться продолжить чью-то мысль или смотреть как твою мысль завершил кто-то другой..

Natalia said...

Yes, it was very exciting to wait what would happen after!

Да, ожидание чуда - я бы так это назвала :)

Irina said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Great collection!

Svetlana Dubinsky said...

Корсет-это вершина коллективного мастерства, он давно у меня в фаворитах!

Irina Belinskaya said...

It was an interesting game! :)
I love to look at your pendant, Natalie!
And your work with Irina Astratenko, I also love it!
The new label - great idea!:)

Natalia said...

Thank you all for your feedback!

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