Virtual Wish List. Seed bead jewellery

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Just lovely necklace! Awesome autumn piece of jewellery, one of a kind.... will always stay in my virtual wish list, as it has been sold to somebody lucky!
The author of it is Svetlana Dubinsky, the winner of multiple seed bead jewellery contests (I definitely can see why). Of course she has other wonderful beaded jewellery in her etsy shop. Check them out, you will have no regret about visiting her store!


rill said...

Natalia, thank you!
Very beautiful necklace!
For me Svetlana is an ideal of accuracy and elegance of Jewelry! No more, no less - every detail, every seed bead on it's place!

Natalia said...

This is nice to hear! I hope Svetlana will see your comment :) it can make her day! :)

Victoria Semykina said...

Gorgeous necklace!

Natalia said...

Only fabulous things in my wish list :)

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