Humble vintage Russian bottle keeps its mystery well :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Before I've returned to etsy as a seller, I had researched some ideas on taking well staged pictures.  In one of my previous posts I have already mentioned my vintage book that makes a good background for the pictures. Today I would like to tell a story of this Russian wooden bottle.
It is at least as old as I am... that makes it vintage... (does it make me "vintage" too? :) I remember it as long as I remember myself, and it already looked like that - old. So, it must be older then...
This humble bottle was used by me... I was keeping my little treasures... one of them was Canadian one cent coin. We had no idea where it had come from! There was no Canadian currency available in the Soviet Union... but I had that coin... it is still a mystery. Now this humble vintage bottle is a great background for Canadian maple leaves :) This bottle has a mind of its own, that's all I can say!


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