Corn maze, Pitt Meadows, September, 2016

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Our homestay student had two of his friends for a sleepover. What would they do in the house? Just watch TV? Isn't it too boring? We decided to give them something fun to do and took them to a corn maze. 
This is a map of the maze!

We took this "train" while the older kids were running inside that maze. It was driven by a tractor. Our four-year-old absolutely loved it and wanted to do it again and again!

Do you know what you are looking at? I wonder why they had those things there!

My husband wanted to surprise the kids and went in through the exit instead of the entrance. He's met them half way through the maze. They got surprised as planned :)

I took our son to the petting zoo. We stopped at this barn at first. There was nothing interesting there for a little boy...

Loved these rocking chairs! They were there for the parents who were waiting for the kids enjoying a big slide set on a hill.

This is a cool spot, but not for us, so we are passing by...

Here is the petting zoo! Do you see this bridge? Do you know what it is for? Keep scrolling, you'll see!

The kid loved these piggies the most:

He like the goats and the sheep too:

Remember the bridge for the picture above? :)

The older boys ran for this "train"!

Almost time for the sunset. We had a gorgeous sunset that day!

The steps to the slide that was across from the rocking chairs. I was more interested in the grass mower, though. This is one substantial grass mower! 

We've missed the pig races :(

Still waiting for my gorgeous sunset...

The boys found the rolling down the hill was fun (all the boys you see in the picture!)

My patience has been rewarded! Here is why I enjoyed that trip:

While boys were buying sweets at the souvenir shop, I was looking around at the nice things they had there. How do you like this hand crocheted doily? 

We have done everything we could there, except for the hay ride. We've been promised that in 20 minutes, so we stayed and waited.

It was almost completely dark when they finally got us a driver. They boys loved it!


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