Sea to Sky Gondola, Squamish, BC (1 July, 2016)

Monday, July 11, 2016

It was a boring day on the first of July at our house. It was a very slow Sunday, nice and warm. We did nothing all day and I started to think that we probably should have a nap time after jumping on the trampoline. That plan was just minutes away from being fulfilled when my husband suddenly said: "You have 30 minutes do get dressed and we will go out". He promised a long drive so our 4 y.o would have his nap in the car. 

He told me to bring our cameras as we possibly were going to a botanical garden :) 

I filmed a piece of the Sea to sky highway that we took to show the rock on the right-side of the road that they had to blow up to make the road wider for the Olympics in 2010. It was a road to the ferry and I could not believe that he was taking us to the island to a garden there (there is a world famous garden there that I hope to get to one day, hopefully earlier than fife years from now ;)

No, the ferry was not our end destination... This is what we saw when we finally stopped! This is the Sea to Sky Gondola. You cannot even see where it goes. It is a long ride! Now I knew why it was important to bring video camera :)

Is it going to be scary going up? Not as scary as going down! Here is 7,5 minute video of going up. Enjoy the ride with us:

I had no idea there was a suspension bridge there too! Nice surprise!

We already knew that our little one did not like suspension bridges (if you remember the Cascade Falls, we tried it there), so Gabriel and me went first. Then Gabriel went the second time when it was Nick's turn and I stayed with our son to wait for them. 

There are many trails at the top. Some are short and some are long. We looked at the map and found a lake not far from there. It was a small lake! Too bad the water lilies were sleeping already... I think they were pink.

I filmed that lake too:

The trail to that lake was very interesting! I filmed it on our way back:

This section was fun:

Then we found the first view point:

Here is video from the same view point:

I tried to film the rock it was built on:

Then we took a really nice trail to get to the next view point. It was so nice, we could have a pram for the kid so my husband would not have to carry him on his shoulders. It was worth getting there! The trail was not that long. It said 1,6 km there and back, but it felt a lot shorter. I do not think we walked that much, we probably took a shortcut.

...and I filmed it too, of course:

There was a band playing music at the restaurant by the gondola. We listened to it for a few minutes. I realized that I had not taken any pictures from that view point yet. So, that was what I did:

We had a picnic when we came up, but we were hungry at the end of our trip. It was time to return down and find a place to eat. Now you will see how really scary the ride has been:

We checked out this playground while Gabriel tried to choose a gift for his sister who had left to go back home to her parents at the end of June:

There was a flower there! (Ok, I've gotten my flower picture, so I am happy now... just kidding, I would be just fine without any flower pictures in this trip :)

Squamish is an interesting place! I could not take a picture from the car, so I tried to film it instead:

Sea to sky highway is not the safest one in BC. There are the blown up rocks on one side and the ocean on another side. The road is very twisty and it is missing dividers in the middle at some curves. I filmed a few road sections to show that. 

I cannot believe that the whole trip took us only 5 hours! It was a long day and still not finished by 9 p.m. I will look forward to other days like this!


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