Vancouver, Canada. A few shots through the windows of the Skytrain and the Sea Bus

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

There was a day off on the 7th of February, Monday, so we decided to take our guests for a little trip. They have never been on the Skytrain and on the Sea Bus. We drove to the Renfrew station and got one day passes so we did not have to worry about the time. Here you can see the pictures I took through the windows. There is a little bit of North Vancouver here and a stadium at the end of the post. We ended our trip with a visit to the Coliseum stadium and watched hockey there :)  It was a nice day that we all enjoyed! The Vancouver hockey team has won and that was one more little pleasant thing that day :) Our son did not see the winning moment as he fell asleep just a minute before that. The vancouverites did not cheer up loudly enough if he did not wake up, right? :) 


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