DIY by the Base of Art. A jewellery box.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"Base of Art" shares a master class (made for them by Zubkova Galina) with us. You can find their previous guest post here.

Hi all! Today we are going to show you how to decorate a box for bulk for your kitchen in country style. We chose a decoration card by the "Base of Art" with a bright story from the "Birds and Animals" series.

It has cute characters, lively colours and watercolor splashes!

We chose to decorate a wooden square jar for bulk.

Paint the surface with an acrylic primer and dry it thoroughly.

We picked a few pictures from the cards named "Summer" and "Summer-2", traced them with a pencil and cut them out.

The decoupage cards made by "Base of Art" need to be immersed in water before gluing them to any surface so the paper becomes more pliable. Place them in water at room temperature for 2-3 minutes.

Use your favorite glue for the decoupage cards to do this work. Cover one side of your box with the glue first, then attach a card. Use a flat brush and glue to chase any air bubbles out. Let the card air dry.

Gently remove any sticking out edges with fine sandpaper. Glue other three cards onto the jar the same way. 

Coat the outer part of the lid with a thin layer of the one-step craquelure lacquer while the jar is drying. 

We decided to add a row of small decorative mosaics at the bottom to enhance the country look of the design. We were lucky enough to find the tiles of matching our design colours.

Use a strong transparent glue to attach the mosaic tiles along the bottom edge of the box. Let it dry well overnight to make sure that the tiles are not going to shift.

Select the grout for your mosaics. We used the Ceresit for the narrow joints. Mix the powder according to the instructions. Make a protective varnish for decoupaged surface before grouting. Follow the instruction to finish the work.

Let's work on our lid our. Coat it with light blue acrylic paint one stroke at a time. The cracks will appear almost immediately. Their depth depends on the thickness of the applied layer of paint.

We painted the lid handle and the edges with light green paint that is the same shade as the grass in our pictures. Then we gave it a vintage feel by toning it with yellow paint applied with a dry brush. Then we picked up a little bit of green and yellow paint diluted well with water and splashed it all over the lid with a rough brush. The lid is almost ready now.

Follow your instruction to decide when to remove the excess grout. Use a soft sponge for this procedure. You can lightly sand the grout if needed. We also painted the top edge of it with pale green  color to go with our design.

Take a sponge and warm brown patina. Lightly sponge the edges creating more depth and giving the box a more interesting look.

Do not forget about the top edge. 

All is left is the decorating on the inside of the jar and the finishing. We used spruce colour stain and and two shades of raffia.

Stain will give us a nice look and it is also a safe coating for the foods. Make a raffia bow to decorate the lid.

Enjoy the result of your hard work! :)

We hope you will find this DIY helpful!


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