New trend - the knuckle rings

Friday, November 20, 2015

What do you think of this new jewellery trend? Do you like knuckle rings? Everybody seems to make them! Do you see many girls wearing them, though? How new is this trend anyway?

Diamond knuckle ring
Diamond knuckle ring
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Looks like it was around since the 15th century! We just cannot invent anything new in jewellery trends, can we? :)

Wealthy people (not just women) wore them to show that they they did not need to work with their own hands. This is exactly why I cannot wear them. I use my hands way to often and I am afraid to loose the knuckle rings. I guess, I have nothing to be proud of! :)

Here are a couple of pictures with the close-up hands for you to look at the knuckle rings that were worn 500 years ago: 


knuckle rings

Swabian master (Southern Germany) (XV c.). Portrait of a woman from a family of Hofer (c. 1480) (London, National Gallery)


hands with the knuckle rings


knuckle rings

Sibylla Sambetha, 1480. Oil on oak panel painting by Hans Memling


Hands with the knuckle rings

Do you wear knuckle rings? If you do not, would you wear them?


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