DIY Paper snowflakes round-up

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I used to love making paper snowflakes. This year I though I would make some free downloadable patterns of the snowflakes... then I checked Internet... There are so many patterns out there! I got discouraged :) So I put a round-up of patterns together instead :) 

These are my favorites. Not all snowflakes are cut! Some of them are 3D. We will play with the kiddo for sure and make some awesome snowflakes!

I've learned something new too! I never knew how to fold paper to make a 6 point snowflake. This snowflake on the brown background on the right side will take you to a page with a folding instruction. You will need a compass to fold it this way. 

Find the instructions to these snowflakes (and even more) on my Pinboard:

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