Wooden candy bowl. Guest post by VZBRELO

Monday, October 12, 2015

This is one more guest post by the VZBRELO girls. You can find a list of all their "behind the scene" post here.

Hello! I am Maria and here is our third guest blog post here. Today I will show show you how we've made this candy-bowl. 

My favorite wood to work with is cedar, so I have chosen it to make a base for the bowl. Cedar is a soft wood with an incredible aroma! Often we cannot use it in our works because of it softness. However, it was perfect for the bowl project. I was very pleased that I got that cedar project! 

We started with a sketch, then calculated all the angles of the future bowl and the length of the bars  that we would need. The next step was to make the bars!

We included one bar made of pine for drama. Then glued all the bars together.

We started to work on shaping the bowl once the glue dried.

Not finished yet:

I worked on the interior first, then on the exterior of the bowl.

Almost done! Now we need to work on the edges and polish the bowl with a fine sandpaper to achieve perfect smoothness :)

Oiling is the most enjoyable step! Oiled wood changes color and aroma :)

It is done! Here is one more enjoyable step: choosing buns for the food styling! :)

Thank you for reading our story!

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