DIY by VZBRELO girls. How to make a hand printed card

Thursday, October 22, 2015

This is one more guest post by the VZBRELO girls. You can find a list of all their "behind the scene" post here.

We have a few guest posts here. Today we are going to share a DIY project with you! We hope it is going to be helpful for people who like doing crafts. 

We always wanted to include a free gift to all our orders. However it was hard to come up with an idea of what that possibly could be. Everything we make is time consuming, and we are always short on time! Finally we have found the idea that we were looking for.

This is what you will need:

1. Any paper you like!
2. Acrylic paint.
3. The semi-circular cutter.
4. A sponge.
5. A small piece of plywood or wood.
6. A good mood, a cup of tea and lots of creativity!


1. Prepare your card's background. We like old yellow pages. Splash beige acrylic all over them in a very artistic way (you decide what this means!) and let them dry.

2. Pre-sketch a desired pattern directly on the surface of your plate with a pencil. Then engrave it. We have a black plate, but it does not need to be black. Although it is easier to see where you cut it. 

The safety rule when engraving is to keep your fingers away.  

3. Usually they use ink and ink roller when the printing is done commercially. We do not make too many cards. All we need for the printing is a little bit of acrylic paint and a sponge (it is easier to wash them off too). Paint over the protruding parts of the plate.

4. Carefully place your card on top and carefully smooth it. You can use rollers and rolling pins or even a spoon for this purpose. 

5. Now you can customize your card by adding some details or/and the signature, etc.

Well, actually, you're done! You can admire your work and give to anybody! 

This stamp will last long time if you carefully remove any excess paint after each print. 

Thank you for your interest! 
Maria and Tatiana.

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