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Monday, August 3, 2015

There are many guest posts in this blog. A few of my guest posters contributed many great posts to this blog. I would like to feature them. There are the links to all their blog posts here.

This is me. My name is Natalia and I am the blog's author, a jewellery designer and a goldsmith.

You can find my works in my web-site or at my etsy shop

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Anna is a wedding accessories designer. 
She also has a passion in cooking and home decor. Anna creates a Home Decoration Guide every Sunday and a monthly Wedding Guide for the blog. She has also published a few great recipes and Behind The Scene posts here. You can find a list of her guest posts here.

Visit her at: 
Etsy shop

Katya is an artist working in many different techniques, some of them are unique. You can find a list of her DIY guest posts here.

Visit her at:
Etsy shop 

Tatiana and Maria are the founders of the VZBRELO company that produces wood art items. You can find a list of their Behind The Scene guest posts here.

Visit them at:  

Irina is a bead jewellery designer and a natural cosmetics maker. Irina has created a ton of collections of the gift ideas for the blog visitors. You can find them here.

Visit her Etsy shops at:
Jewelry shop
Natural cosmetics shop

Roza makes bead jewellery and has a passion in nail design. You can find her nail designs here.

Visit her at:


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