Bead Day. Mary Frances's beaded bags

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bead bag by Mary Frances


k8053 said...

I love her bags, so quirky! Her beaded scarves are gorgeous as well. I remember a couple of beaded bags from the twenties being in my Welsh grandmother's house and playing with them when I was little. In the fifties, as people started to get back on their feet after the war and rationing came to an end, so many beautiful things were just thrown out to make way for the 'modern' new look. It's great that these techniques are still around.

Natalia Khon said...

This is always sad to hear that things like that were just thrown away... The technique is around, that's for sure. There is no problem to find a beaded bag, actually, as they bring them from China. They are actually inexpensive! I would prefer a vintage one, though :)

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