Magnolia Home Decorations

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Last year we've planted a few magnolias. One of them started to bloom a few days ago. I am so excited! I have never had a blooming magnolia under my window before! No wonder I got inspired to check out magnolia home decorations :)

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Natalie Carlson Brown said...

The scent of magnolia's is one of my absolute favorites. There's a large tree near my house and you can smell it for a block at least. Lovely! These items are so pretty too. Nice picks. :)

Natalia Khon said...

I am so jealous of a big tree! Our magnolia is tiny and needs years to grow. Well... it is still better than no magnolia at all :)

Katie Kennedy said...

"Magnolias" is such a great theme! They are so pretty and never used enough. Great picks for a great flower!

May Chiu said...

Gorgeous! I love this theme and all the different ways Magnolias can be incorporated into decor. Very inspirational!

2justByou said...

We used to have an entire row of magnolias where we used to live, and when they all blossomed it was very fragrant (harsh on my allergies, but nice for everyone else).
Great magnolia finds!

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