TOP 10. Best Heart Design Ideas for Home Decor

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

This is my own choice of Top10 Home Decor Ideas that incorporate heart shape. I like when the finds are actually available, this is why I look for them on Etsy. If there is anything here that speaks to you, please feel free to follow the links under each picture and discover the featured shops!

Tree With Hearts Decal by VinylWallAdornments
Heart Glass Plate by SARIYER
Cherry Cutting Board by grayworksdesign
Fiber Heart Sculpture by Cesart64
Heart Shape Beach Stones from VintageBlend
Recycled wood Tree Slice Sculpture by WildSliceDesign
Shabby Chic Oval Up-cycled Braided Rug With Burlap Heart Appliques by LikeIguana 
Completed Cross Stitch Pattern by LIOKS
PICK your STATE Heart Wall Hanging by KoolPlatez
Gemstone Heart from ABOSBeads


Katie Kennedy said...

Fabulous finds!! That gemstone heart from ABOSBeads is gorgeous!!

2justByou said...

I like the heart cutting board and the state plate wall hanging. Great finds.

aquariann said...

Lovely! An amethyst heart would be perfect for me because it's my birthstone and I was born almost a week before Valentine's Day.

Inge Speemanns said...

That gemstone heart is so beautiful!

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