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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Just imaging... You have to come up with a gift in an hour... You can stop by a store on your way and pick it up. What store? What are you going to pick up as a gift? Here are a few universal ideas for the last minute gifts for a man or for a woman. 

1) Tochscreen gloves is a novelty we did not need until recently

Touchscreen Gloves by EasyOffGlovesLtd
Pink TOUCH SCREEN gloves with pearls and bows by msGalleria

2) Reading shawl or just a nice shawl (or a scarf for a man)

Hand Knitted Lace Wedding Shawl in Pure Silk by SpecialLoops
Midnight Meadow- shoulder blanket by WrapturebyInese

3) Happy socks will put a smile on his or her face!

Cheshire Cat Socks_Alice In Wondeland by NAKIDsocks
Teal with colorful pattern socks for men by MaplePropeller
Bird face natural socks by CozyWoolDesign
Knitted Socks wth dancing stars by Dowinium

4) A vintage- or a modern-looking alarm clock

Hot Selling LED Digital Alarm Clock by morenetz
Dr. Who Tardis - Retro Alarm Clock by EsclairStudios

5) A chalkboard decal

TV decal with chalkboard center- Television wall decal with Chalkboard by RadRaspberry
Fancy Frame Chalk Board Wall Decal by decomodwalls

6) A popcorn bowl

Home Theatre Personalized Ceramic Bowl by GiftsForYouNow
Vintage Popcorn bowls by GiftsForYouNow

7) A cake server

Antique Tiffany Sterling Fish Knife or Cake Server by EncoreJewelryandG
Vintage Cake Server by PattikinsPlace

8) A coffee dripper (a lot more fun than just a cup, right?)

1930's Coffee Filtration Porcelain Teapot by ARCHIVO
Set of Two Mid Century Drip Glaze Two Finger Grip Stacking Mugs by Untried

7) A wine cooler (do not forget to include a bottle of wine with it ;)

French Vintage Solid Copper And Brass Handled Champagne Bucket from EpoqueVintage
A thermos and a wine cooler, made of sheepskin by KYWIE4EVER

8) A fancy candle holder

Beautiful Hand Made Zinc Lantern by Zlantern
Porcelain candle holder by wapa
Handmade Ceramic Lamp by InsCeramics
 DIY Floating Votive Water Lilly Candle Holder by thewoodlandsprite

9) A board game

ANCIENT BOARD GAME Woodwork, Yakaimado by kurna
Chinese Checkers Board Game by EngraveByLaser

10) A cushion

Jungle Animals Kids Floor Cushion by KidEssence
Floor cushions by VladaHom

11) A basket of sweets

Monthly Subscription Dessert Box by GuiltyPleasuresTreat

Discover More Last Minutes Gifts Ideas on my pinboard:


Katie Kennedy said...

Really great ideas! I have three pairs of touchscreen gloves and always need more :)

Natalia Khon said...

I have lots of fingerless gloves, I just need an iphone to go with them, lol

2justByou said...

Touch screen gloves are cool. I've never owned any of those.
I also like those fun socks!

Inge Speemanns said...

Love the idea of the board games amd floor cushions. You can combine them to make an awesome gift.

May Chiu said...

Great gifts! I especially love the chalkboard decals!

Natalia Khon said...

I was surprised that I could not find even crazier sock designs!

Natalia Khon said...

I remember you have a DIY on how to make a magnetic board. That would be a good idea too for a last minute gift!

Natalia Khon said...

This is an awesome idea!

Coline T. said...

Amazing gifts! I like the alarm clocks, so original :-)

aquariann said...

Nice! I wouldn't mind getting those Cheshire socks for my birthday next week. ^.^

Rachel Beltz said...

I know for a fact that I would love touchscreen gloves! I never realized how much I needed them until this winter!

puppylov3808 said...

I would love the LED Digital Alarm Clock!!

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