DIY - decorated bottle and treasure chest by Irina Novikova

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I have come across Irina Novikova's blog where she was publishing lots of her crafts. She is a quite skilled and extremely creative artist from Kazakhstan! I was instantly impressed by what she was making. Look at this project, for example! There is a decorated bottle here and a chest of treasures. 

1) 4 views of the bottle:

2) Here Irina uses her treasury chest to show how she makes her decoration. She says, that she uses glue to attach anything that could work! The seahorse is made of salt dough:

The lizard and the turtle is made of toilet paper!

Then everything gets painted with a black paint. Then she uses a sponge to add color to all the decorations.

Here is fabulous result!

I have a fancy bottle I have not even started thinking of what to do with it yet. Now I know! Thank you, Irina! Thank you for the idea and for your permission to save it in my blog!


Katie Kennedy said...

Wow! Those are absolutely gorgeous! Irina is indeed a very talented artist!!! Thank you for sharing, Natalia!

2justByou said...

Creating a treasure chest would be fun, especially if it comes out looking like this one!

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