Australian boulder opal for an Art Nouveau necklace

Thursday, June 26, 2014

More stones from my Ebay hunt! This is a boulder opal from Australia that I am planning to use for an Art Nouveau necklace. 

Well, I remember when we walked in a fancy opal store in Melbourne's downtown, I looked at the boulder opals there... The cheapest was $40.00 for a stone that I would not even pick up for free if found it in a desert (ok, maybe for free and only because they were laying in a desert... great desert souvenir!) Something like this was about $200.00 in that store. Ebay and Etsy is a much better place to buy gems directly from the lapidary artists! :) 


Katie Regenye said...

What a unique stone! You will do beautiful things with it!

Natalia Khon said...

Thank you, Katie! I have 4 boulder opals so far, so at least 4 (hopefully)beautiful things are going to be made at some point :)

aquariann said...

Gorgeous gem - it looks like a beak for a beautiful bird god in your drawing.

Natalia Khon said...

You are a true artist, Kristin! Great imagination!

2justByou said...

Oooh...I like that color to it. Beautiful!

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