She made my day! Thank you Irina!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I like to play the designer games with other designers who work in techniques that I do not work in myself. Irina Belinskaya whom I have just mentioned recently has finished an old project... I made the findings from the above picture (brass with enamel and the stones are being held by silver snaptites. The stones are cubic zirconia and sapphire imitations). Irina made this fantabulous necklace with them:

I told her that I did not claim any credits. This is absolutely sincere statement. No credits to me, please. I am just happy to see that she used my findings in something as fabulous as this piece!


Irina Belinskaya said...

Natalie, you know that I love to make flowers out of beads. But when you sent me a ring made ​​of brass which were flowers, I realized that the colors of the beads in the decoration would be inappropriate. And I had an idea how to do it without flowers necklace of beads. Thank you! Your ring - magic!:)

Natalia said...

My ring was no magic :) Your necklace is magic! :)

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