Silver Peacock Feather necklace with tourmaline

Saturday, May 12, 2012

When I got my tourmalines, I did that just because they were pretty :) When my peacock feather jewellery obsession started, I checked all my stones to see what would fit it. A few tourmalines did! Though I like copper for these designs, precious tourmaline should be used with precious metals. Silver allows to create a relatively big design without costing a fortune... So, silver it is!

The backing for the stone is polished silver, so the transparent stone will always shine, no matter what the background for the necklace is (dark or light).

Tourmaline hardness in Mohs scale is 7 - 7,5, that makes it suitable for any kind of jewellery. It is very durable, transparent and beautiful. It comes in a rainbow of colours (according to an old Egyptian legend, tourmaline passed over a rainbow on its journey from the centre of the Earth). Blue colour is probably the most rear and desirable, though pink and green together in one stone is quite sought after too (then it is called "watermelon" tourmaline).

Metaphysical qualities of pink tourmaline. It is said that it brings emotional and spiritual love, joy, peace and understanding; transforms negative behaviour into positive; heals emotional loss, emotional pain and fear.


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