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Thursday, April 5, 2012

I am always in search of inspiration... Usually, I am inspired by the artists (jewellers, carvers, sculptors) whose level of mastership is much more higher than mine... There are many of those artist, of course... There should be something else beyond the mastership, though... I am not sure what exactly, but when I see a talent, I won't forget that artist anymore. If they have a web-site, it is easy to keep returning to it and... admire...

Thanks to a random contact at one of the Russian forums I've learned of Asya Eutykh. It is a very hard-working lady from Maikop, that is a Russian city in Adygea (Caucas). Being a Caucasian artist she has been always interested in ancient art of that region. She is not just a jeweller, but a metal artist who can make pretty much anything. She has even made equipment for the Prince of Jordan Guard once! A talent like hers cannot stay unnoticed by the connoisseurs...

This artist's work is another proof that a talent is not something that is just given to a person... Any talent is a hard work. And that inspires me... I should get back to work now :)

One more thing... This is her web-site. Enjoy!


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