Custom work

Saturday, December 3, 2011

This is the second stone for the "suprise" order. On one hand I had a request for a "suprise", on another hand... I do not make sketches for my pendants with the sea creatures. They are ment to be a "game"... I take all of them out, and see what this stone "wants" to have around it. This stone "wanted" a turtle...

I put the pendants into the little jewellery boxes and took them to the customer.
- Customer has ordered a suprise, customer is getting a suprise, - I told her.

She opened the box...

- Did you know that I was collecting turtles? - she asked... and gave me a hug.

She also told that she would have to fight her daughter for this pendant. So... I got another order. It won't be done before Christmas, though.


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