Men's / Unisex necklace collection

Sunday, August 28, 2011

This collection had started as men's, but when it was finished I thought it was more "unisex" rather than just men's. I can see women wearing this jewellery. I would wear most of them myself too.

This collection (there are more pieces in it than I copied here) is available in my online store. They wanted me to write about my inspiration for each piece. I realized, that indeed, there was an inspiration for each of those pieces.

My husband does not wear jewelry. One day I've decided to take this fact as a challenge. I wanted to make a necklace that he would want to wear. I ended up creating a collection of men's jewelry. It turned out successful. My husband is even asking me to make him a special pendant. I will... Though, he is not getting this one, as I do not need a spoiled husband :) He will get only one necklace!

I was looking for a typical "men's" pendant shape, but could not resist giving it an elegant look by creating an animal pattern with black enamel. The result of my quest became suitable for women as well as for men.

I was creating exquisite and very feminine jewelry for years. In search of something different I got carried away by creating jewelry that had a very strong look. A cross with clear lines and contrasting black enamel is just what could satisfy my interest.

I wanted to give a little bit of glamor to a simple dog tag, considering men who wear jewelry because they want to look fashionable.

The inspiration for this piece is the crystal itself and the metaphysical qualities that it has. It is believed to receive, activate, store, transmit, and amplify energy; stimulate brain functions and activate all levels of consciousness. It is excellent for meditation and is said to bring harmony to the soul.


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