Rodeo at Cloverdale, BC (May, 2016)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

In all these years in BC we have never been to the rodeo before. Having our homestay students over was a good reason to finally go there. We've arrived right at the gates opening. 

It looks empty right now. The rodeo is not going to start for a few hours and there will be a lot of people here later that day!

There are other things to do here while we are waiting. Here we are at the pavilion with the farm animals to pet. There was a corner with the parrots. Of curse we got there first of all!

I love baby goats! They are so cute!

This is just a general view on one side. Lots of space!

We did not pet a bison, but the mule did not mind that at all!

Have you ever seen rocking horses for the adults?

The lumberjack show was pretty good!

We could try and milk this cow if we wanted:)

There were lots of carousels there (this is just one shot that does not give you an idea of how many they really had there)

We are back to the animal pavilion for the show on milking a real cow. Nobody is doing it by hand nowadays :)

This was fun! Geese race first:

Then the pig race!

Finally we can go and take the best sits to see the rodeo (we were among the first ones in line). I agreed to hold our 4 year old on my laps for thirty minutes before the show starts. He fell asleep and slept through the whole show. What this means... I could not take pictures anymore. My husband never takes pictures if a camera in his hands can take video. There are 24 very short videos here. You will see pretty much the whole rodeo show in just a few minutes even though we watched it for two hours. Enjoy!


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