Thursday, March 3, 2016

I've decided to take a challenge and publish our Australian trip, 2011 pictures in my Twitter account. There will be 365 pictures with one published every day. I will reserve my blog's Throwback Thursday for the videos of that trip (they will be very short videos from a few seconds to one minute) starting not the following week yet, but the week after. 

Koala at the Sydney zoo, Australia, 2011
They do not let us hug koalas in Sydney and Melbourne, so we kept driving up north looking for a nature park where we could hug a koala. We eventually found it in Brisbane.

This necklace I am wearing has been sold. You can take a closer look at it here. Before it was sold it inspired a custom order: another necklace, earrings and ring (you can find all of them here). I took a few pieces of jewellery to Australia hoping to find a gallery there. I have not found one. All pieces came back with me and found their Canadian owners :) All except one. It is made of copper and brass and got oxidized. Maybe one day I will clean it and publish it my etsy shop


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