Behind the scene. Pyrography butterfly coat hanger. Guest post by Marina Zabrodina

Thursday, January 21, 2016

This is a guest post by an illustrator Marina Zabrodina. You can find her first guest post with a process of making the runes here.

Hello all! I am Marina. Today I would like to share my creative process with you and show how I've made this coat hanger!

It is was a custom order, but it was also a gift!

The butterfly sketch is my own. I think I will use it again... for a print, perhaps.
I drew the butterfly, then printed a copy of the correct size for my board and transferred it with the help of a piece of carbon paper.

I had this board for a while. All I needed to do was to make it ready and sand it well.

The top wings are almost ready on this picture. I used a soldering pyrography tool to burn the lines. A thicker nozzle was used for the thicker lines and a sharp nozzle was used to burn the finer lines.


Then I stained the untouched areas:

Then I sanded the surface to bring up the texture of the wood that I just love!

The hooks needed to be slightly shortened (I used the hacksaw to shorten them). Then I drilled the holes for the hooks and screwed them into the board. There are also two metal holders on the back side. I am not showing the back side as I have a personal message there that I've burned out there. 

The hanger is strong enough to hang umbrellas and small bags on it. It was not tested for anything heavier than that.

Marina Zabrodina


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