Still life photography. Silver earrings with "emeralds"

Friday, November 6, 2015

I find Instagram a very attractive kind of social media. I thought I would just slowly add my creations there, plus maybe some travel pictures... but I get more and more involved with it. There are very specific pictures that trend there depending on what you publish. 

I fell in love with an idea of the still life pictures. Last time I was interested in the still life was when I went to my art school where we painted a lot of them. Long time ago! I love still life pictures! I did not even think about it until I started coming across them in Instagram. I do not even need to paint them (I am not good at it anymore anyway), I just need to arrange some items in a nice composition and take a picture of them. 

Of course, jewellery is my main object for photography besides the glass or pottery objects and fruit. I will be sharing my experiments in the blog sometimes :)

Silver earrings with emerald green glass stones and cubic zirconia


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