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Friday, October 16, 2015

Do you like jewelry that replicates flowers? I do! I do not make any, as it is just not something I like making of metal, but I love it when it actually looks like flowers, and made of silk, for example. There is also a modern material that is good for it and that is called polymer clay. Those are nice too.

The 19th century is known by flower jewelry and accessories. Women had them made of fabric, wax, porcelain and precious metals (if they could afford it). They wore real flowers too! There are many portraits of women wearing flower accessories in the 19th century.

Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III and empress of France (1853–70)

The flower fashion was started by the Empress Eugenie, but then went global! This piece can be found at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts:

Woman's headdress French,
worn in America
mid-19th century
Her is just one sample of diamond tiara from the 19th century:

Natural pearl and diamond tiara, late 19th century
We do not wear flower accessories like the women of the 19th century. Now you can see real (or not so real) flowers in the brides' hair only. I had some in my hair on my wedding day too! :) Something like this:

Flower hair comb by GentleDecisions


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