DIY. Make a wooden comb encrusted with gems. Guest post by Incrustador

Thursday, October 8, 2015

This is a guest post by Valery, who is a jewellery artist making wooden jewelry. His work is unique. Love the technique he works in!


Hello! My name is Valery. I will show you how I work in a technique that is rare and not that simple. 

It is going to be a wooden comb encrusted with the gems and the mother-of-pearl. It was a custom order for an eastern style comb made of the materials chosen by the customer: mahogany, malachite, garnet, mother-of-pearl, nickel silver and bronze.

First of all I designed a comb, then made a stencil for it to transfer it onto a piece of wood. Then I used my wood saw to cut the comb out.

Then I grind the piece on a polishing machine with an abrasive disc (just like the one in the picture):

Now it is ready:

Polished it a bit more with a fine sand paper:

Then I start the actual inlay. The design was rather simple, but the inlay of the mother-of-pearl is going to take time as well as the stone setting. 

The entire surface of the comb is going to be covered with the mother-of-pearl. I attach the pieces of it with a crazy glue. I use river mother-of-pearl as it is thin and it is easy to brake it into pieces with a pair of wire cutters. 

The gaps between the pieces are filled with a mixture of epoxy resin and bronze powder:

Then I used my dreamel to remove all extra resin. It is almost done!

Now it is time to set the garnets and protect the wood with a lacquer (I use a boat lacquer). It is all done!

Thank you for your interest!
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