TOP10 most unusual up-cycled jewelry organizers

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

You do not have to give the legs to your old grater to turn it into a jewellery organizer... but you are creative, right? So, why not? Why stop at this either? Maybe a couple of wings too? :)

Love this idea! Some assembly required, but it is worth it, I think!

Old shower hooks can be up-cycled  too! I would not think of this, to be honest, but it works.

This one is my favorite!

Not sure what it is... possibly the back of a bed. Looks rusty too... Well, if you like up-cycling that much... I would suggest to paint it as jewelry needs to be kept on a clean organizer. Rust is not good for it either.

Another awesome idea!

Not any tree brunch would work for this. Looks like a piece of wall art, though!

Simple and lovely:

This is one creative organizer! (You can tell your guests that you've bought all those corks at a craft store!) :)

If your rake got rust on it... buy yourself a new one! This one you will need for a rustic home decor :) (after you clean and paint it of course) 

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