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Friday, September 11, 2015

Today I would like to share a story of this ring creation. This is a very unusual story and this is very non-typical of how I usually design jewelry. We were about to move to a new home and I was just about to close my etsy shop and to start packaging my tools, when a customer contacted me and asked for a ring. 

She registered just to buy a ring from me (if I understood right) and I felt being responsible (not her fault!) of helping her and giving her a great experience of buying through Etsy. Of course, I also was short in time and tried to do that fast. 

She asked for a ring that would be similar to this one, but smaller in diameter. The pearl needed to be on a side and possibly set on a leaf or a petal. 

Since I tried to make her fast, I did not do any sketches and went ahead with the description! (I know, that was silly!). No wonder that this has been the outcome:


No wonder she was not impressed! :) I tried to change the design a little bit. Here is the picture:


I do not think I ever showed it to her. I was not satisfied. I also was one day too late to start packaging. Trying to still give her a good experience and finish the project as soon as possible... I changed the design completely and published it in my Etsy shop. I assured my customer that she should not feel obligated to buy it if that was not what she expected. 


Since she was not sure, I wished her best luck with another Etsy shop and closed my shop for three weeks that I needed for our moving. All my tools were still out. I thought it would not hurt to re-design the ring again... as I needed to try and sell it later. This is how I changed it the last time: 


Now I loved it myself and thought I would be totally fine if I never sold it... but I gave it a chance, since I already had my own ring in this style and did not need the second one. 


I am happy, that two years later it has found an owner! Bye-bye, lovely ring, have a happy life! :)


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