Red moon hunt

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

5 p.m., Sept. 27th, 2015

We just went to play to the baby's toy room after dinner, when my husband suddenly made an appearance at the door and said: "Get ready, we are going out now".

You do not have to ask me twice! 20 minutes later we were sitting in our car, heading towards... I did not really know where we were heading to. We drove over the bridge... What could be that way? I knew it was the Red Moon hunt... but how far do you need to go to see the moon? It can be seen from anywhere!

"Do you know that some people believe that it is the end of the world?" - he asked. 
"No, I've never heard that."

- Do you know where we are? - he asked while parking the car.
- We are in White Rock!
- I wonder how many other people had the same idea?

He was right... There were many people who had the same idea! Cars kept coming to the parking lot...

- Look, there is a nice flower here!
- It is probably a weed...
- Then it is the prettiest weed ever!

I asked him to stop about thirty feet further down the pass...
- Do you know what I took a picture of? - I was pretty proud of my "shadow" picture! :)

- The moon will show up there, - he pointed to the direction opposite to the sun, - Look, the cameras are already pointed that way too!

We went towards the water where I tried to take a picture of the sunlight on the surface of the ocean. Not bad!

- What else are you taking a picture of?
- The seagulls!
- Oh, no! 

The sunset was pretty, but the photographers had their tripods and cameras on them pointed to the opposite direction.
- What is the English for people who would eat anything? - I asked my husband while unprofessionally taking pictures of the sunset.

The sun was gone and we realized that the moon was not there yet. I checked Internet for the Red Moon time. At least thirty minutes away still... It was cooling down and we decided to wait for it in the car.

We watched more cars still arriving. 
- I am afraid it will be hard to get out of here, - my husband said.

 We waited until 7.45 p.m. before we went back. Eclipse has already started. We watched it for  about 10 or 15 minutes. It still was there... The kiddo was laughing his head off :) 

- Should we go? 
- Not yet... The world did not explode yet.

We finally headed towards the car... The parking lot was half-empty!
- I thought we would be first to leave, and we are the last!

We watched the eclipse all way home.
- We did not need to go so far to see the red moon...
- This was not the reason why we went, right? :) I liked the sunset more than the red moon anyway.


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