DIY. Making feathers with yarn for a crochet toy

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Today we have a guest post by Svetlana Kosheleva. Svetlana makes beautiful crochet toys, take a look at them in her blog! She is very creative in her art too! Look at the yarn feathers that she created, they are just awesome! She generously shares her idea with us today. Here is how she describes her work:


I was working on one new toy that I needed to make some feathers for (it was a bird, of course). I found a description on how to make feathers. The described way was long and boring... but I honestly tried to follow the instructions. When the second "feather" gave me a blister I stopped to think of another way, that would be easier. (Really, lazy people are the most inventive!) 

Got it! I took a piece of a cardboard (in a desired size of a feather) and wrapped my yarn around it:


and a little bit more...

Now we are done!

Then I used sewing machine to sew it in the middle (you can also draw a line before you start wrapping your yarn around the cardboard)

Cut the yarn:

..and another side:

Rip the cardboard off:

This is what I got. Now this needs to become a feather!

Take a piece of wire that is longer than your feather when folded. Attach a few pieces of yarn through the end loop, then wrap the whole length of your wire with the same color yarn.

This is how it should look like:

Then just glue them together:

Glue a piece of yarn on another side to cover the stitch:

Isn't it pretty?

I am about to make more feathers!

Why don't you try it yourself!

Svetlana Kosheleva


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