Behind the scene. Watch the creation of tatted jewelry by Elena Larina

Monday, August 31, 2015

This guest post is courtesy of Elena Larina, a jewellery artist working in the tatting technique.


Hello all! Today I will show you how I am creating this evening jewelry set:

I chose skarn cabochons for this set. The technique that I work in is called tatting that is a hand-woven lace with seed-beads and beads. Usually I start creating with choosing my stones. I had a matching pair of skarn cabs and one more that was very similar in shape and color to my cabochon pair.

I have long wanted to make an everyday and low-key piece of jewelry. And here I am... looking at these pretty stones that are impossible to resist. Without any hesitation I decided to make a set of earrings and a pendant. An approximate sketch was born quite quickly.

Now I had to weave the lace that I sketched. Here is my first try:

Though initially I thought that I would make a modest everyday set... this version seemed too plain. I decided to add a little bit of black lace with silver-plated beads. Here it is:

Here I tried to sew it into my lace element:

I did not really like it... Here is the corrected design:

This is better! You probably cannot quite see what it is going to look like at the end. However, I already know that this is just what I wanted to achieve! Now I need to weave two more lace elements just like this one. It is also time to set the stones.

Well, cabochons are set in leather and secured with the seed beads. The next stage is embroidering the lace with the beads and  attaching it to the stones.
Here is the result:

Earrings are almost ready. All that is left is to attach a clasp. This can wait though. Now I need to weave a chain for the pendant. Pendant? Really? :) It came out way too festive... Plans have changed! So, this is not a pendant anymore... This is a necklace! Then it is too early to work on the chain. First I need to weave two more elements to go on both sides of the pendant. 

Now I am satisfied and can think about making the chain.

It is time to attach a clasp to the necklace and ear hooks to the earrings.

Everything seems to be ready. Let's see what it looks like in my mannequin's ear, then  I can take pictures and upload them to my web-site.

Oh, no, I do not like this ear hook! It should be a stud. This is how I am going to attach them:

These updated studs are being glued and sewn to the earrings:

Now I like how the earrings hang!

Would you agree that is better now? 
The set is ready. Does anyone still remember that I wanted to make an everyday piece of jewelry? I I do not! ))) I got a chic evening jewelry set in black, white and silvery colors. Now I need a name for it. I reminds me of the actresses from the black-and-white movies... I am going to call it "Nostalgie"!

The set is for sale here. The necklace and earrings can be purchased separately too.

Elena Larina
Skype: ogonek1965


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