Polymer clay pen with Swarovski crystals by Expressó-Self A-Latté

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I did not have a pen in my wish list, but I should have had one! It is always a struggle to find a pen in our house (this is not my fault, by the way!). However, if I have a nice one, I can keep it :) I will be using it for years!

So, I got a nice pen from Wendy, the owner of the Expressó-Self A-Latté etsy shop. To be honest, I have never had a nice handmade pen before! Can you imagine how excited I am? I love handmade things! I think I am very lucky! :)

This pen's barrel is made of purple (that is my favorite color!) polymer clay stamped in gold. The metal parts are 24kt gold! The jewels are Swarovski crystals! It also uses a Parker-type refill (this is why I am confident that I will be using it for years!)

Wendy has a good choice of polymer clay jewelry as well as pens. If you had been following my blog you might remember Wendy's giveaway not long time ago. I received a pen as an appreciation gift for hosting that giveaway. This is the second time I am receiving something from my giveaway sponsors. It is always a wonderful surprise, as I do not actually count on it :)  Thank you, Wendy!


Noa Ambar Regev said...

Beautiful handmade pen, I didn't even imagine a pen could be such a creative piece. Love the purple!

Natalia Khon said...

Neither did I! (happy dance :)

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