Top 10. Doors with the most beautiful hinges

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I was absolutely fascinated with these doors when I saw them. They inspire me as a jeweler :)  I also would not mind having a door like this in my home! Which one is your favorite?

Door on the cathedral in Strasbourg - Tree of ife

Tynemouth Chapel Door, photo by Colin Bluett

Found in Manchester, wooden blue church gate with decorations, original, signed Fine Art photo giclee print by IzzyVerena

Smithsonian Castle 19th Cen America


New England fantasy art decorative brass Wrought Iron stone castle church teal Door, photo by dreamlandcreations

French Romanesque Door

Vinyl Photography Backdrop / Iron Scrolled Door by Silverligningbackdrop

Notr Dame de Paris Cathedral door
Church Doors - Designs From The Historical Record

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aquariann said...

Delightful doors! I am addicted to swirls.

Natalie Carlson Brown said...

These are just gorgeous! I think my favorite is the tree of life door. So pretty. :)

May Chiu said...

I love the detail, just so gorgeous!!

k8053 said...

Gorgeous! A real opportunity for iron workers to show off their skills. On a door-related theme I thought you might be interested in this little bit of trivia re. St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin
"Legend has it that Saint Patrick's was the origin of the expression "chancing your arm" (meaning to take a risk), when Gerald Mór FitzGerald, 8th Earl of Kildare, cut a hole in a door there, still to be seen, and thrust his arm through it as a symbol of trust, in an effort to call a truce in the Butler – Fitzgerald dispute with another Earl, James of Ormond, in 1492".

Natalia Khon said...

Love it there there is an actual item to support a legend! Thank you for sharing, Kate!

Jerry Marquardt said...

Those churches have the best looking and most intricate details of any door hinges. I would like to thank you for noticing this and featuring this on your blog.

Natalia Khon said...

Thank you for the feedback Jerry! I work with metal (not in this scale though) and appreciate beautiful metalwork.

Jerry Marquardt said...

Thank you.

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