Gift ideas for the cat lovers

Friday, May 15, 2015

Have you ever met a cat lover (besides yourself? :) What would they like to get as a handmade or a vintage gift? There are many things that could make them happy! Here is what I've found on Etsy. All the items are for sale, so feel free to go and grub them if anything jumps at you here :)

A cup or plate is a no-brainer!

Cat Towel by ViViCreative
Cat plate set of 2 by firecat
Vintage cat cup by Marysvintageantique
Cattitude Stamped Spoon by TheSilverwearShop

You can also find an idea for a kitchen that is a little bit more sophisticated:

Embossing rolling pin by MJRollingPin
Personalized Cutting Board Cat Lover  by EngrainedMemories

A cute piece of clothing that does not require knowing their size :)

Custom Fingerless Gloves by BZFingers
Custom Cat Ear Knit Hat by KattysHandcrafts

Cute vintage item for home decor:

Vintage Advertising Cat Candle by ChandlerAndKemp
Vintage Westmoreland Milk Glass by mymilkglassshop

...or just a handmade one:

Cat Wall Clock by GoldenDaysDesigns
Felt succulent planter by theYarnKitchen

Any of us can find a spot for one more decorative cushion!

Cat cushion cover by MimoCadeaux
ORANGE CAT pillow by linendreams

I love this idea!

Maine Coon Cat Painted Ladies Leather Wallet by daniellesoriginals
Cat Face Canvas Zipper Painted Pouch by EugeniaWoods

iPhone case of a watch:

CAT iPhone Case by TheSmallPrintCases
Cute Black Cats Ladies Watch by HandMadePeople

Go green with a tote bag or find a free wall for one more picture!

Cat Photo Tote Bag by JessPetersonPhotos
Whimsical cat painting by CuriousArtLab

This is just too cute:

Your Cat in the Book, Cat Bookmark by whitehouseblackcat

Cat jewellery. And do not forget a cat jewellery box!

Cute Cat Earrings by tinylumber
Cat Jewelry Box by TwoCatsAndAnOw

Very original idea!

Black Cat Soap by TheBubblingCauldron

Get a nice cat toy or make it yourself with a pattern:

Needle Felted Cats Pattern by Bielleni
Soulful cats by skazkodrom

More collectable cat toys to choose from:

Jester Fat Cat Pincushion by FatCatCrafts
Ball jointed doll cat by AncientTales


2justByou said...

The cat plate set is super fun, and I love the little cat face wooden earrings.

Katie Kennedy said...

OMG I love ALL of these items! I can't even pick a favorite. They are all fabulous!

Natalia Khon said...

You are probably a cat lover ;)

Natalia Khon said...

My fav is a toy from the last picture :)

May Chiu said...

Awesome picks Natalia! I don't have any cats, but I love the items you picked out!

Natalia Khon said...

Thank you, May! You probably know some cat lovers :) Please, feel free to use this post for inspiration :)

Charlotte said...

OMG, I'm not even a big cat lover... BUT I adore most of the things you feature here. What's more, I have a bestie who is a HUGE cat lover and everything I gift her usually has a cat-theme... You've given me some great ideas :) Love that bookmark/gloves. Too cute!

Natalia Khon said...

Thank you, Charlotte! I am happy to see that my research is going to be helpful :)

dawest58 said...

These are some great cat items and sooo unique! LOVE them!

Natalia Khon said...

Wonderful to hear an opinion like this!

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