Top 10. Best Christmas tree ornaments that you can buy on Etsy

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I love Christmas tree decorations! Who does not? They can be so different! If I visit somebody right at the time when they have a Christmas tree set up, I will always come to look at the ornaments :) Of course, searching through Etsy for what was out there seemed like an awesome idea! Here is my choice of the best Christmas tree ornaments that you can actually buy. Feel free to follow the links if you like anything here!

More Christmas tree ornaments on my Pinterest board
Christmas Carousel Horse Ornament by SafeHarborBoutique
 Large Bohemian hand decorated hanging Christmas light ornament by BohemianStarsltd
Snowmen twins Christmas ornament by FancyKnittles
Victorian Christmas tree topper by SilverOwlStudio
Girl in Beautiful Horse-drawn Christmas Sleigh on Golden Ship by DresdenStarOrnaments
First owls family decoration by PerlillaPets
Felt Christmas Ornaments Set by MarvelousCottage
The Christmas State of Mind Ornament by ATLO
Blue Jay Christmas Ornament by MeredithDada
Needle felted Waldorf Little White Angel Ornament by darialvovsky


May Chiu said...

I love the gold word ornament! so pretty!

aquariann said...

Cute decorations, especially the owls! ^.^

Katie Kennedy said...

Love them! The owl ones and the felted ones are my favorite!

2justByou said...

The snowmen twins are adorable. All of these ornaments are great!

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