Top 10 Weird Home Decorations that you can buy

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This is my choice of the most weird home decoration items that you can actually buy. Enjoy!

# 1

Taxidermy Biker by THEWILDFEW
# 2 

Jaws On Wheels by inaeent
# 3 

Steampunk Skull & Bone Lamp "Bobby Bobcat 4.0" by SiffGallery
# 4
Salome by GrinderMonkeyStudios
# 5 

Doll Head Art by SubwaytotheNorthStar
# 6 

Snowman Bucket by seasonsart1031
# 7 

Spooky Cat by VagabondCafe
# 8 

Skull by AnOptimisticCynic
# 9 

Giant Pickle Body Pillow by jumbojibbles
# 10 

Surreal Table Lump by Railis

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Katie Kennedy said...

These really are so strange and creepy!! Perfect for upcoming Halloween! Though the pickle reading in bed is kind of just funny!! :)

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