TOP 10 Most Weird Jewelry that you can buy

Monday, September 1, 2014

I love browsing trough Etsy in search of cool artistic things that people from all over the world sell there. I myself have a couple of items in my shop that I call "weird"; so what other weird jewelry can be found there? I've found a lot! Here is my personal choice of top 10 most weird jewelry of Etsy. They are still for sale by the artists, so feel free to follow the links under the pictures if there is anything here you wish to get!    

# 1

Beast Buckle 2 by dogzillalives
# 2

e.t.'s rainbow fiesta necklace by elfmadchen
# 3

Steampunk necklace by TheCreativeBlock
# 4

Levitation by venussoberanes
# 5

Denture cuff bracelet by ConcaveOblivion
# 6

Nutty mad ring by hioctanejewelry
# 7

"Dance-berry"necklace by DearPrudenceBERLIN
# 8

Mushroom wooden pendant by MonkEyGstudio
# 9

Furtune Teller necklace by dolldisasterdesign
# 10

Eye Eye by laurajbrannon

See more weird jewelry that you can actually buy on my board at Pinterest

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aquariann said...

Creepy cool finds!

Natalia Khon said...

Halloween is coming and I do not have anything for my followers to offer for it (besides one copper spider pendant that is not even in the store yet :)

May Chiu said...

Wow, very interesting....the dentures bracelet is kinda creepy! Idk if I can wear that around my arm!

Natalia Khon said...

Yeah, need to be careful, it might accidentally bite you!

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