Wish list. Egg holders.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Since the Easter is coming, I am on "egg topic" and looking for the egg holders :) I suddenly remembered, that I had a plastic egg holder in my childhood. Just like this one, actually!

Mine was red :) When I've come across them, I told my husband: "Look! Vintage egg holders! I had one just like them!"
My husband said: "You put yourself and the word "vintage" into the same sentence?!" :))
Well... I guess, I am :) I am past 30 after all! :)

However, I do not need egg holders just like those... So, I kept looking... I adore fancy woods, so I could not pass by these babies:

I almost started thinking of getting them, when I came across this one:

This one I really like! Considering I would need one for my son, and not for me, this one would be the best.


Kristin Aquariann said...

Interesting! I haven't ever had an egg served in a holder. How are they cooked?

Katie Crafts said...

I've never used an egg holder but they are really cute! Also, hilarious that you're "vintage" now! I think I'll start using that too!

Natalia said...

Actually, thinking about it... I like my eggs hot too :) They need to be cooked for 5 minutes, so the yolk is still liquid. Then they need to be served hot and they need a holder like this. You carefully remove the shell on top and eat your egg with a tea spoon. I like to add salt too.
And... this is when you need an egg warmer!

Natural Home Maker said...

I had eggs served in a holder at a fancy restaurant years ago.

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