What jewelry to wear for a Beach Wedding

Monday, April 21, 2014

Peacock silver earrings for a Beach Wedding by nataliakhon featuring Peacock Feather Big Silver Hoops

If I have not had my own wedding at Niagara Falls, then I would definitely wanted to be at the beach! :) 

Matthew Williamson wedding gown
$2,515 -

Valentino flat shoes
$910 -

Burberry handbag

Silver earrings

Uslu airlines lipstick
$32 -


LanasArtStudio said...

Great inspiration Natalia!

Kristin Aquariann said...

Pretty peacock earrings!

katiecupcakes said...

Those earrings are gorgeous!

Holly said...

Beautiful earrings!

Natalia said...

Thank you, ladies!

Svetlana said...

Very beautiful set!

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