Bead Day. Dryad's Tiara.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

I am starting the "Bead Day" on Saturdays. I used to work with the beads and still love that variety of jewellery and objects that can be made with them. I also like interesting beads themselves. What I've done... I have given new tag Bead Day to all my old posts about jewellery made of beads or where some parts were made of beads. Wow! There were 34 posts like that! 

 Well... now I will be adding interesting things made of beads as well as some DIY projects. Just as if there is not enough eye candies in my blog :) This is my diet :) I avoid real candies and replace them with the eye candies! :)

The picture above is my own creation. There are a few more pictures in my web-site.


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