Sentimental value of my creations

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Some time ago I wondered if I would ever make jewellery with sentimental value... a story behind it... Now I can tell a story about almost any piece of jewellery that I make. These earrings, for example, have those little faceted green chalcedony beads. I am looking at them and recalling the day I bought them in Russia... They told me it was apatite :) I did not believe them and estimated the price for the enhanced chalcedony. The price was right, the colour was gorgeous... I bought them :)
The crystal glass in the picture has a sentimental value too. I remember how we bought them with my mother. Many years after I brought them to Canada with me in a purse... all six of them... I was very careful :)
The glass does not come with the earrings, by the way :)


Irina Belinskaya said...

Delicate earrings love!

Natalia said...

Thank you! It is very nice to hear that I achieved what I wanted :)

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